A sad resumption

So he told her that he’s afraid of her. Just like beauty and the beast, but in this case she is a combination between beauty and beast, perhaps. She just fell down, speechless. But he wanted to marry her anyway, even with that thing that makes him fear her. He wanted her in the most pure and sincere way, yet living with fear. So she thought about herself „I’m so selfish.” She felt just like the beast, UGLY AND HARD TO LOVE. She thought that it’s her fault that she’s the way she is, and she thought that she really has a problem being so unthankful for this praised by everyone gift, I mean for him. She tried not to lose the things he was not afraid of, but yet they had no beauty without that main thing, that precious jewel that he feared folding in his hands. In her head and heart everything felt like a storm. Is really her? Does he even try?  Is she thaaat selfish thinking that maybe there in not just her fault, maybe there is a bit of his fault too?

All this things came like a resumption of a bad movie. Having this thing of guiltiness inside of her, and not even knowing if is really her or not.

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